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Brisbane is one of Australia’s boating hotspots and with some of Australia’s best boating weather, it’s hard not to see why. If you’re in the market for a boat, often the best place to start is a second hand boat and if you’re looking for a pre owned or second hand boat, looking in Brisbane for boats for sale is a great place to start. Used boats in Brisbane are often some of the most well looked after and presented second hand boats on the market and at Brisbane Yamaha we scout the whole state for the best used boats for sale in Brisbane before giving them a once over and offering them to you the boating public.

Brisbane Yamaha are a Brisbane boat dealer with decades of experience in sourcing the best used boats for sale anywhere. We specialise in the Brisbane market but can service the entire state and have even sold second hand boats interstate. We will look at any Brisbane used boats for sale, give them a once over and make sure they have been well looked after before ever offering them to you.

Why Buy A Second Hand Boat?

Second hand boats or used boats are a very affordable way of easing yourself into the boating lifestyle. The most obvious benefit of purchasing a pre loved boat is that you have the opportunity to consider which boats have been most reliable over the years. For example Haines Hunter boats forged a considerable reputation over many years as a tough boat with an exceptional ride. Models like the V19R and 445F were considered the only boat to own if you were a serious angler while Quintrex have been built for decades and are considered a knock about family boat that have stood the test of time.

These days another consideration for many is cost and you can save bundles of money by buying a pre-owned boat compared to a new one of the same model. Just like a car, driving out of the showroom instantly washes dollars off your purchase. By buying second hand, someone else has taken that loss on the chin for you.

Buying A Boat – Private or Dealer?

While second hand boats do have their advantages, there are obviously risks. You can choose to buy privately and could snap up a bargain or more likely be beset with continual problems and no clear course of action to remedy them or at worst have to continually fork out more and more money until usable. Alternatively you can purchase a second hand boat that’s been thoroughly checked over by a reputable second hand boat dealer. The later has obvious advantages in terms of back up, support and maintenance. Most importantly you have recourse and a sounding board for any issues.

First-time boat buyers

Before you make any decision on a specific boat though, research what sort of boat you want and consider what your primary use will be. Not all boats are good for all things. For example a wakeboarding boat will not double as a fishing boat but may make a fantastic family platform and vice a versa. Once you have considered your primary use you can decide on a type of boat.
To help you make the right decision, place serious thought into your boating plans. Once you have an idea, research the options and models available plus your own operation requirements.

Always review the boat manufacturers’ recommendations for the boat. Most boats will carry an Australian build plate or at the very least a HIN which is the Hull Identification Number. That will give you details of boat manufacture year.

Remember to consider the advised maximum weight and total number of persons for the boat. Make sure if you’re going out regularly with family and friends that you have enough room to be comfortable and to carry all the associated gear you’ll need.
Some power boats may have been re powered at some stage so again check the max horsepower recommendation for your hull and ensure that it’s not over powered. Also ensure that it will get the boat on the plane and allows it to operate efficiently. You should never exceed the manufactures maximum ratings, especially if you are a new boat buyer.

What Does A Good Boat Dealer Do?

First and foremost make sure he asses the boats condition. He will make a first impression of a boat, often the most important and will only have boys that are suitable to be resold as second hand boats. He will make sure the boat is presentable and maintained properly. Some items that help them offer only quality pre-owned boats are;

Go over the boat lifting items, flooring materials or items that have been added to look for any covered up damage. He will keep an eye out for rot in the hull and transom. He will also keep an eye out for discolouration which may suggest a cover up.
Check all metal and timber surfaces for signs of rot or corrosion. Saltwater is quick to attack poorly maintained boats.
Ensure the gel coat has been looked after and isn’t in the final stages of its life. If there has been a repair he will make sure it’s sound.

Check the steering works properly and isn’t damaged or more importantly dangerous.

Perform a full mechanical check of the engine and all the components. They will run the boat before you step aboard and check plugs, leads and that the engine has been run properly.

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